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We understand how important our pets are to us and would do anything to protect them. In the event that you may need to report a lost or found pet, please email so we can assist in returning these pets to their rightful homes as quickly as possible.

If you are a resident and Imperial Point Association Member and own one or more pets, we invite you to register your loved animals with our Pet Registry Service. Doing so may significantly cut down the time to return a pet to its owner.

If your precious pet is lost, it’s as simple as calling the Registry to find out if your pet has already been found. If not, the information can then be broadcasted to all residents.

**Please remember: Always keep a collar on your pet and make sure information on the ID tag is updated and correct. As an extra precaution, Imperial Point encourages residents to write the owner’s name and phone number on the back of your pets collar in permanent marker as the tags are often misplaced. **


To register your pet in our Pet Registry, please complete the form below:

Owners Name:

Street Address:

Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email Address:

Vet’s Name:

Vet’s Phone:

Pet #1 Name:

Pet # 1 Type of Registration:
Pet # 1 Age:

Pet # 1 Weight:

Pet # 1 Breed:

Pet # 1 Tag Number:

Pet # 1 Tattoo Number:

Pet # 1 Microchip Number:

Pet # 1 Gender:

Pet # 1 Indentifying Marks

Pet # 1 Medical Problems

Pet #2 Name:

Pet # 2 Type of Registration:
Pet # 2 Age:

Pet # 2 Weight:

Pet # 2 Breed:

Pet # 2 Tag Number:

Pet # 2 Tattoo Number:

Pet # 2 Microchip Number:

Pet # 2 Gender:

Pet # 2 Indentifying Marks

Pet # 2 Medical Problems



Household Trash Items – Black Can

Mondays and Thursdays for most residents


Yard Waste ItemsGreen Can

Thursdays for most residents

All yard waste trash piles must be kept clean, free of other types of waste and piled separately.

Bundling and tying items together is not required, however, leaves must be bagged and placed into a separate pile.

Helpful list of yard waste items:

–       Tree trimmings

–       Hedge cuttings

–       Palm fronds

–       Wood products without nails, roofing materials or concrete attached

–       Tree limbs up to 6 ft. long and up to 6 in. in diameter

–       Leaves


Recyclable ItemsBlue Can

Mondays for most residents

Helpful list of recyclable items:

–       Plastic bottles

–       Aseptic containers

–       Paperboard containers

–       Drink cartons

–       Dry food boxes

–       Glass containers and bottles

–       Frozen food packaging

–       Paper

–       Shredded paper in bags

–       Cut/flattened cardboard no longer than 4×2 ft.


Bulk Trash Items

4th Thursday of the month for residents living South of NE 62nd St

4th Friday of the month for residents living North of NE 62nd St

Please place trash by the curb on your designated pickup day before 7:00 a.m., no more than one day in advance.

Crews will pick up a maximum of 10 cubic yards, which is approximately 6 ft. wide, 15 ft. long and 3 ft. high, or equal to the size of full sized automobile. Any amount larger will not be picked up unless a prearranged pickup is organized.  Each additional cubic yard of trash will be an additional $13 on your service day.

To prearrange a pickup for your trash, please call 954-828-8000.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Pet waste information – Click here (PDF)

Motor vehicle information – Click here (PDF)

Top 10 Prevention Tips – Click Here (PDF)


For more details, please visit:



Imperial Point works hard to maintain its property, a source of pride that improves and benefits the neighborhood. But even with rules, we need your help to enforce them.

We understand that residents do their best to maintain their homes and property in an appropriate manner but sometimes fall behind.
We encourage our residents to cordially discuss disputes with neighbors about concerns regarding others landscaping issues, lawn, cleanliness, and etc.

Code violations are enforced by the City of Fort Lauderdale. In order to avoid calls to the City for code violations and to remain an anonymous caller, Imperial Point offers free use of out Code Enforcement Hotline to report any violators.

To make a report to the Imperial Point Code Enforcement Hotline, please call 954-776-2810.

To make a report directly to the City of Fort Lauderdale, please call 954-828-5207 or send an email to

Top 10 Code Violations in Fort Lauderdale

  1. Yard maintenance standards (failure to keep lawns mowed, plants trimmed, etc.)
  2. Inoperative motor vehicles or those without current, valid tags and registration
  3. Junk, trash, debris left in the yard, improperly disposed
  4. Parking a vehicle other than in a driveway, garage or approved parking surface
  5. Parking a commercial vehicle outside, overnight, in a residential area
  6. Failure to maintain building structures and walls in a secure and attractive manner
  7. Failing to maintain a structure in a weather tight, rodent proof, sound conditioned environment
  8. Storing appliances, furniture, auto parts, building materials, etc. outside
  9. Illegal dwelling units (living areas/units that have been added without proper permits)
  10. Operating a business in a residential area without a license

City of Fort Lauderdale Important Phone Numbers

Animal Control – 954-359-1313

Building Department – 954-828-5191

Cable TV (Comcast) – 954-252-1937

City Commissioners – 954-828-5004

City Hall (General Info) – 954-828-5000

Code Violations – 954-828-5207

Dead Animal (Road Kill) – 954-828-8000

Executive Airport Hotline – 954-828-6666

Fire Department (Non-Emergency) – 954-828-6800

Fire Department of Health – 954-467-4000

Recycling – 954-828-8000

Signs (Median) – 954-847-2600

Streets (Potholes, etc.) – 954-828-8000

Streetlights – 954-797-5000

Traffic Engineering – 954-828-5761

Traffic Signals (Malfunctions) – 954-847-2600

Graffiti Hotline – 954-828-6402

Hazardous Waste – 954-765-4999

Imperial Point Hotline – 954-776-2810

Library (Imperial Point Branch) – 954-357-6530

Mayor’s Office – 954-828-5003

Mosquito Control – 954-765-4062

Parks and Recreations (Playground) – 954-828-7275

Police and Fire Emergency – 911

Police (Non-Emergency) – 954-764-4357

Power Outages – 800-468-8243

Trees (Severely Trimmed) – 954-828-5200

Trees (Swales/Medians) – 954-828-7275

Utilities – 954-828-8000

Utilities Billing – 954-828-5150

Zoning Information – 954-828-5203

Trash (Bulk, Carts, etc.) – 954-828-8000

If you are unsure of the correct City department, please call the main number at 943-828-5000


“Green Your Routine” — just three words, but three words that together can make a powerful FTL Green Your Routine logodifference in the City of Fort Lauderdale.

Green Your Routine — It means working together to create a vibrant community, control costs, and build a healthy economy, all while lowering our environmental impact and adapting to climate change.

Within City government and throughout Fort Lauderdale, people are turning those words into action. Sustainability has become a key element of our City’s vision, a focus of our operations and a major concern of our citizens. So, Green Your Routine, Fort Lauderdale! Explore, learn and make a difference!

Click on the Green Your Routine logo to learn more about sustainability in our City, and to learn how to live, work and play green!

Click HERE to visit the City of Fort Lauderdale website.