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City Approved Contracts To Repair Damaged Sidewalks

City Approved Contracts To Repair Damaged Sidewalks


By Ralph Zeltman

The City of Fort Lauderdale recently approved two contracts totaling 3.2 million dollars to repair approximately 14 % of damaged sidewalks City-wide identified in the Sidewalk Inspection Report conducted in 2014. The first priority will be sidewalks adjacent to City properties and the highest risk categories for trip and fall incidents due to trees planted within the swales.

Finally, damaged sidewalks will be repaired in high pedestrian zones like downtown, as well as areas that are adjacent to the main entrance to schools and hospitals. In addition, these contracts require the tree roots to be cut and removed before the replacement concrete sidewalks are poured and will have a 6-inch thickness rather   than the minimum code of 4-inches.

2153 NE 63rd Court E

2153 NE 63rd Court E

The City contractors have developed a construction schedule showing when and where the work will be performed throughout the City. The Imperial Point Community has approximately 150 damaged sidewalks caused by swale tree root damage and this repair work started on July 13, 2016, and is anticipated to be completed on September 20, 2016.

Should you have a severely damaged sidewalk caused by swale tree roots and do not see your address on the below list or have any questions or concerns regarding this construction work, please contact the City’s Customer Service at (954) 828-8000.

Special thanks to the City’s Project Manager Barbara Howell, Engineering Division, for providing the below City list of sidewalks to be repaired within Imperial Point Community and for reviewing the accuracy of this article’s content.