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Forensic Inspection of the City’s Police Department Headquarters

Forensic Inspection of the City’s Police Department Headquarters


Forensic Inspection of the City’s Police Department Headquarters

As the civil engineer member of the City’s Infrastructure Task Force Committee (ITFC), I received permission from Chief Rick Maglione to conduct a forensic walkthrough inspection of the Fort Lauderdale Police Department (FLPD) Headquarters on April 9, 2018. Both the outside grounds and inside building premises were observed and photographed to document existing conditions. My report, photographs, conclusions and recommendations were submitted to the ITFC for review and approval for submission to the City Mayor and Commission for their review and consideration.

Most of my observations listed in my report for the police headquarters indicated health; building safety and security concerns. The Police Headquarters has experienced severe differential settlement resulting in structural separation between the east and west portions of the building. There was unhealthy mold and mildew observed on ceilings and walls apparently caused from roof leaks and from groundwater intrusion into the basement and from decades of electrolysis between the old galvanized water piping and copper internal piping connections causing leaks. There was inadequate air conditioning circulation throughout the building both in air flow volume and air handlers to over crowed offices that were occupied by three times what is allowed. The building is generally unsafe with non-fire fire rated doors and has antiquated and unreliable fire hose cabinets with no firefighting suppression sprinkler systems through most of the building. In my opinion, the building is a candidate to be condemned.

We trust the City will take immediate action to start planning and budgeting for a modern state-of-the-art facility to help our police men and women to better protect the City of Fort Lauderdale. It is imperative we support our police who deserve better than these horrible conditions when dealing with the everyday stressful circumstances in keeping us safe by reducing crime in our community and City.


Ralph Zeltman, Board of Directors

Imperial Point Association, Inc.