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Protect Your Loved Ones with Safety Net Tracking Systems

Protect Your Loved Ones with Safety Net Tracking Systems

SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems technology enables public safety agencies to quickly find and rescue clients with cognitive disorders such as autism and Alzheimer’s. We train the authorities in our areas of coverage on how to find lost people using SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems equipment and on how to effectively communicate with people who have cognitive conditions.

Under the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems program, your loved one wears a SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Bracelet. Each Bracelet emits a signal on a channel used by law enforcement for tracking people at risk. Once your loved one is enrolled in the service, he/she is assigned a frequency and unique digital ID verification number.

Should a wandering event occur:

  1. You or another caregiver contacts local authorities.
  2. Trained search and rescue personnel use SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Search and Rescue Receivers to track the Radio Frequency signal being emitted from the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems Bracelet. Certified SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems agencies also have access to SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems’s secure database of key client information (such as physical description, medical condition, de-escalation techniques, etc.) to assist in the search and rescue operation.
  3. Once public safety officers locate your loved one, they would be able to rescue and return him or her home safely.

The SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems bracelet is easy to use—it only requires one battery change every six months and unlike GPS or cellular-based systems, SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems’s Radio Frequency technology can work in places such as a densely wooded area, buildings and shallow water. Because of the reliability of our technology and the SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems service’s direct integration with public safety agencies, it offers a way of quickly rescuing lost loved ones and bringing them home safely.

To watch a video demo of how SafetyNet Tracking™ Systems works – click here.